Hi, I am a middle-aged  wife, mom, grandmother of six.  My husband and I work in property management and share our home with a dog and two rescued cats.

That being said – life is busy and wonderful BUT it can also be very stressful at times.

Add to that – those damned “M” words, and the madness that comes with them, I find myself quite the mess.

Bottom line:  I have single-handedly managed to gain 100 plus pounds  in the last several years  and lost myself in the process. It’s frustrating and it has really begun to take a toll on many aspects of my life  and health!

My goals for 2017 IS to  make myself a bit more of a priority, lose the weight and regain the quality of my life.  Perhaps it might sound a little selfish BUT it is gotten to the point where MY LIFE depends on it.

The blog – is a merely a tool, to keep myself accountable.  If I inspire others who may be struggling with the same issues in the process,  that would be icing a the proverbial ( note: I said ‘proverbial’ cake)  🙂

Happy New Year…

Starting Date: January 5, 2017, Weight  279.4