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Middle-aged wife, mom, grandmother of six. I work all the time in property management . Hubby and I share a home with a small dog and two rescued cats. Aside from that, I am a serial blogger, hopeless humaniac, full time life student, part time crusader and hellian when need be.

3 months, down 20.4 lbs & 2 sizes. Right at 259 lbs now. Hoping to lose 60 more in 2017

This picture was taken last Sunday, April 2.  Still hiding behind my husband but much less of me to hide.   Finally actually beginning to see the difference.    It has inspired me to look at this a little bit more long term. Yes … Continue reading

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2 months, almost 14 lbs

  Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday on my anniversary, but we had a long day trip to Orlando and back . Please understand that this is so hard for me. I told you, I hated photos but I post … Continue reading

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May your gravity be lightened by Grace

May your gravity be lightened by Grace~ Unknown Though Lovely!   Thought I’d share.  

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What 11 lbs looks like.

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10 Weight Loss Commandments

  diet, exercise, life, weight loss, 10 weight loss commandments Image Credit:

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7 weeks , 11 lbs. Holding Steady butttttt.

It’s official, my weight has not budged ( well maybe a little)  in 10 days. Still right at 11 lbs.  Not giving up, IT IS WHAT IT IS. It’s been over a  week since our GREAT flood at work and still … Continue reading

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Life is Messy!

Six weeks today but there will be no weigh in. Why? Because I had major flooding in my apartment and now my scale doesn’t work. 😦 Now I am jonezing! Ever have one of those days where everything  that could … Continue reading

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Down 10.4 lbs today!

I know I am all over the place with my weigh ins, but I was down 10.4 lbs this morning so I figured  that it was worthy of mention. I passed my 5 week mark on Thursday.    The rolls of hamburger offer … Continue reading

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Today marks one month since I began working on my eating habits and as far as weight loss, I am enjoying slow and steady progress      Considering the fact, that I really haven’t given up that much,  I am actually quite pleased despite … Continue reading

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