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What 11 lbs looks like.

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10 Weight Loss Commandments

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7 weeks , 11 lbs. Holding Steady butttttt.

It’s official, my weight has not budged ( well maybe a little)  in 10 days. Still right at 11 lbs.  Not giving up, IT IS WHAT IT IS. It’s been over a  week since our GREAT flood at work and still … Continue reading

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Life is Messy!

Six weeks today but there will be no weigh in. Why? Because I had major flooding in my apartment and now my scale doesn’t work. 😦 Now I am jonezing! Ever have one of those days where everything  that could … Continue reading

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Down 10.4 lbs today!

I know I am all over the place with my weigh ins, but I was down 10.4 lbs this morning so I figured  that it was worthy of mention. I passed my 5 week mark on Thursday.    The rolls of hamburger offer … Continue reading

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Today marks one month since I began working on my eating habits and as far as weight loss, I am enjoying slow and steady progress      Considering the fact, that I really haven’t given up that much,  I am actually quite pleased despite … Continue reading

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