I Should have been a Vegan!


I found our local farmers market and a REALLY cool photo from 1938 on their website.

The Jacksonville Farmers Market is about four miles from me to the west of downtown.  They have been at the same location for almost 80 years.   Imagine!

We were unable to go this weekend but I am going this coming week.  I even cleaned out my refrigerator so it’s ready.  Can’t wait to load up on fresh  fruits and vegetables.

I am generally OFF ( most of Saturday)  and I’m  planning to get out there early and make a morning of it.

Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed with the offerings.

Like I said, in a previous post,  the idea of frequenting such a place on a regular basis REALLY excites me.  😀




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Middle-aged wife, mom, grandmother of six. I work all the time in property management . Hubby and I share a home with a small dog and two rescued cats. Aside from that, I am a serial blogger, hopeless humaniac, full time life student, part time crusader and hellian when need be.
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