Hydration Humor



So how does a middle -aged woman  who has a reasonably sturdy bladder know she is properly hydrated  ( eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer drinking enough water) ?

THE ANSWER BELOW ……………………………

  1.  She now wakes up the entire house at 1:30 am ( much to their dismay )  instead of the usual 4:15 am.  TRUE STORY!

2.   She is tempted to use the public rest room during a quick trip to the supermarket.


I told you IT was funny!  OR NOT! lol


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About Shei1Says

Middle-aged wife, mom, grandmother of six. I work all the time in property management . Hubby and I share a home with a small dog and two rescued cats. Aside from that, I am a serial blogger, hopeless humaniac, full time life student, part time crusader and hellian when need be.
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