Jan. 5th, 2016 Day 1 : Baby Steps!


Well, I had really hoped for a more enthusiastic post for today.  I mapped out my proposed course ( a brisk walk to a nearby shopping center and back)  months ago figuring that a mile would be doable for me considering I  once walked four miles daily and did so for years right as Prevention Magazine’s Walking Club first made its debut  back in the 80s and continued non-stop into the 90s.

.At the last minute my husband convinced me to walk in the other direction out of ‘safety concerns’.  About half the distance and I barely did that.

I left the house  about 6:48 am with a goal to walk up to a busy intersection ( 3/10 of a mile )  up the road and back.  I fell just short of that and was literally gasping for breath at the half way point.  That was disheartening..

The bottom line, is it took me 14 minutes to walk about 1/2 mile.   The timing ( for my fitness level )  wasn’t all that bad but WOW, I am really out of shape.

But at least I have a starting point and with persistence, I know it will get better from here..  I am not giving up but it appears this is going to be a slow and painful process.

Oh well tomorrow is another day.


About Shei1Says

Middle-aged wife, mom, grandmother of six. I work all the time in property management . Hubby and I share a home with a small dog and two rescued cats. Aside from that, I am a serial blogger, hopeless humaniac, full time life student, part time crusader and hellian when need be.
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2 Responses to Jan. 5th, 2016 Day 1 : Baby Steps!

  1. Cansu Ashley says:

    Good job! Everybody starts somewhere! I’m glad you’re not giving up 🙂

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