Take a Picture

Because you will never see me like this again. 🙂

I grew up with a camera in my face.  I always hated it.  Even when I was very young, skinny and absolutely adorable, I felt like BIG BIRD.   In retrospect, I don’t see BIG BIRD but I sure did then.  But  I have realized that body image has always been a problem for me  which is probably the reason I have been up and down the scale so many times. in life

As I have aged and gained weight, my aversion to cameras has only gotten worse.  And the holidays for me, are a recipe for a full-blown panic attack ..  Sad huh?   It’s the truth though and it has to be said IF I am going to be REAL in this transformation process.

But alas I did survive another holiday, and the flurry of photographs that were shared and shared again.  This being one of them. This photo ( above)  was taken on Thanksgiving Day, 16 ( which also happened to be my eleventh wedding anniversary) I weighed every bit of 280 lbs.

Far cry from my beautiful wedding photos of eleven years earlier ( below ) where I weighed 100 pounds less.    Now if this isn’t motivation, I don’t know what it is . 🙂






About Shei1Says

Middle-aged wife, mom, grandmother of six. I work all the time in property management . Hubby and I share a home with a small dog and two rescued cats. Aside from that, I am a serial blogger, hopeless humaniac, full time life student, part time crusader and hellian when need be.
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