3 months, down 20.4 lbs & 2 sizes. Right at 259 lbs now. Hoping to lose 60 more in 2017

This picture was taken last Sunday, April 2.  Still hiding behind my husband but much less of me to hide.   Finally actually beginning to see the difference.    It has inspired me to look at this a little bit more long term. Yes I realize I have to step it up to achieve but I would love to take off another 60lbs this year.



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2 months, almost 14 lbs


Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday on my anniversary, but we had a long day trip to Orlando and back .

Please understand that this is so hard for me.

I told you, I hated photos but I post these because I am trying to numb myself of the realities.  Owning it you might say.

Pictured are two of my six grandchildren.   One of which shared his 6th birthday with  my 2 month weight loss journey anniversary.  I am down 14 lbs when this picture was taken .  265.6

They are the biggest reason I am in this for the long haul.  I don’t want them to remember me like this.  And if they do remember, I want them to say  ” My grandma was fat but now look at her.’   ❤  And I want to be around when they grow up.

I love them THAT much!




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May your gravity be lightened by Grace

May your gravity be lightened by Grace~ Unknown

Though Lovely!   Thought I’d share.



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What 11 lbs looks like.


A surprise visit from my step son & family  from my first marriage today  He is my son’s half brother.    My pants are too big.  And pulled up . I can easily go down a size.     The t- shirt I’m wearing never used to  pull down that far and rode up a lot .  It’s  actually holding the pants up and  I see some curves I haven’t seen in awhile.    As this picture was being taken on Sunday morning.  Sod work is going on  from where they dug up the septic tank last week. 🙂

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10 Weight Loss Commandments



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Image Credit: ana4life.tumblr.com

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7 weeks , 11 lbs. Holding Steady butttttt.

It’s official, my weight has not budged ( well maybe a little)  in 10 days. Still right at 11 lbs.  Not giving up, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

It’s been over a  week since our GREAT flood at work and still dealing with the aftermath.

During that week, we dealt with several crews.   Then they started on the roofs, and our bosses decided to raise rates which means a lot of extra work, as in stuffing almost 600 envelopes in two days and a mailing deadline of Saturday. Not to mention trying to do my job. As of early this morning, the letters have not even been populated yet.

As well , we have a carpet cleaner coming in  to try to save the carpet.

All of which is VERY stressful!

Really trying to stay on track despite.   I don’t know where that clicked but it did. The key is working through IT  ( whatever IT is)   Without letting the triggers take hold.      NSV.   Yes?   🙂

Very little has changed with the eating  habits other than I had two slices of pizza on the day of the flood, as well spaghetti for dinner one night, and again for lunch the next day.  I made it with mushrooms and 12 oz of turkey burger.  I also had  one Dove chocolate ice cream  bar the other night.  OMG that was so good. Otherwise, I am doing fairly well.  I think.

I will check in early next week.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend.

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Life is Messy!

Six weeks today but there will be no weigh in.


Because I had major flooding in my apartment and now my scale doesn’t work. 😦 Now I am jonezing!

Ever have one of those days where everything  that could go wrong, did?

First off, hubby was in a VERY bad mood because he didn’t sleep well and woke on the couch.  He was just generally very snippy and mid afternoon, I  put him down for a nap.  I’m being sarcastic but he did take a nap and I was asked to wake him at 2 pm.

I was personally having a VERY production day in office.  Got a lot of busy work dealt with.Until  I went in to wake him.  OMG!  You would have thought World war III  had started.  But it had to be someone’s fault so of course it was mine.

Finally, he went down the street to buy a wet/dry vac.  It took him almost an hour to resign himself to the fact that we needed it.   They wouldn’t rent him one because our debit card wasn’t linked to a real bank.

We’ve had a problem with slow drains and gurgling pipes  since we have been here and more than a few mishaps. It’s an older property that has been ‘improved- upon’ over  the years.  Probably  an overburdened septic system and one too many bathrooms.

I had three inches of water though out the entire apartment.

Then came a plumber, who made a big mess and only guessed at the problem. Then another and finally the electricians to fix the  electrical outlet at no charge because one of the plumber’s ladders, was knocked over by a gust of wind.

Meanwhile, the three inches of water had soaked into the wall-to-wall carpeting but my husband was outside “helping”  them until almost 9 pm.

Somebody, messed with the breaker box, and I had flickering lights and no working modem in the office, just as I was closing.

We finally ate dinner last night about 9 pm.

At one point my husband asked .  ” How come you didn’t tell me you were out of wine ?”   It was the most amusing thing he said in weeks.

Guess what we had for dinner?

YEP!  Pizza!    I stopped after two slices though.

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